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Every Foiltone system is built to last!

All manufactured parts are designed and made to give long life and heavy service.

Electrical and pneumatic parts are from world-class suppliers with reputations for quality and performance All moving parts such as bearings and pipe fittings are industry standard. In the unlikely event of a failure there will be spare parts available locally and at reasonable prices.

This unit is installed on 5 continents, service issues are rare, break downs are rarer still.

We are so confident in the build quality and components in our machines that each carry a full 2 year warranty – no matter where in the world they are.

Operational maintenance is simple just:-

  • keep the unit clean and free from dust
  • Keep the motion sensors clean
  • Add the two grease points to your weekly press service routine
  • Remote link

We give each Customer the option of adding our machine to their internal network and to then allow us remote entry for diagnostics and software updating.