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Design & Innovation

We do not sell a fixed design that requires a pre-determined headroom or clearance, we work with our Customers to provide the solution to suit the circumstances that exist.

For example:

Low Ceiling Height

  • By either reducing our unit height, side-loading, or mounting on the press deck (as per the photo) we have overcome access problems on several sites.

Full print and coat capability

  • The need to use special colours and to ensure full sheet varnish coverage can be compromised if two units are taken up by cast & cure.
  • Mounting the cast & cure unit on a drying stub allows the Printer full use of all his print and coating towers.

Alternative mountings for ink agitators

  • Where ink agitators are fitted we ensure full utilisation is possible by incorporating them into the foiling unit.

We ensure all the features and functions of the press are unimpaired including, of course, all safety sensors and guarding.

This is by no means a full list

If you have hesitated in the past because you think you do not have the room or the right number of print units for either cold-foil or Cast & Cure, then please ask us to make a survey – you may be surprised at what can be done.