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Foiltone FL range

Cold Foiling for Small offset and off-line applications.

Introducing our new range of machines made specifically for use on smaller offset machines, on screen printing systems, and on off-line coating systems.

The machine been designed for cold foiling though it will cast and cure if fitted with a suitable UV system.

The first installation is shown here being used for product proofing with UV drying.


We have designed and produced a low-cost heavy duty system that will produce the quality of solid and half tones normally seen on a larger offset press. The design will allow it to be conveyor fed so it could be placed in line on a silk-screen system, an off-line coater system, and even a digital printing system

The added benefit of this design is that we can mount this unit on smaller presses and use the nip created by the impression of a an offset machine, therefore it can also be adapted to B2 (74cm) and B3 (52cm) offset presses and is light enough to be mounted on older presses (SORZ, SORMZ etc).

  • Up to 2,500m of foil on a 3” (75mm) shaft.
  • Hand loaded (no cranes required).
  • Running at press speeds
  • Top mounted