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Press Size B1 1040

Cold Foil Unit

Weight             350 kgs
Height                80 cm
Width               90 cm
Length            200  cm
Max Roll Diameter              52 cm
Power Usage 3 phase 30-450v 60amp
Compressed Air              5 bar Minimum

Foil roll – Differential Shaft

Weight                                                              10 kgs
unloaded Diameter                                        75 mm (3″)
Min Roll Width                                                                        100 mm

Additional height may be required to clear the guard action and any ink agitator system installed


  • The Foiltone system will produce at normal press speeds up to 15,000 sheets an hour without the foil saving feature
  • The Foiltone system will produce at press speeds up to 8,000 sheets an hour with the foil saving feature
  • The foil saving feature will produce minimum savings of at least 20% of foil usage.
  • The system will take a roll up to 500mm (20”) in width (approx. 12,000 metres).
  • The system will take minimum sized rolls of 100mm (4”)
  • When running multi-rolls in any combination of widths can be used, though they should be approximately the same diameter.

Maximum speeds will depend on substrate and design