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What is Cast and Cure?

The Cast and Cure holographic effect is achieved with a lithographic printing process utilizing UV technology and a nano-embossed casting film .

Cast and Cure was first introduced in the 1990’s as an off-line process and was later developed as an in-line process by Foiltone Ltd..

Two printing towers of a press are used. On the first tower a UV varnish is applied to the substrate by a standard lithographic printing plate in the pattern desired. On the second unit the film is passed between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder. The embossed pattern is pressed into the wet varnish while a UV light source cures the varnish thereby locking in the pattern. After curing, the film is removed from the substrate to be rewound for subsequent use. With a properly controlled rewind system the film can be reused up to 20 times.

The process involves using a polypropylene film which has a nano embossed pattern embedded into an emulsion coating on one side of the film. The depth of the emboss is about 200 nanometers. There are many standard patterns available and propriety patterns can be made. The standard patterns are purely for decorative effect while propriety patterns can be used for product identification or covert security purposes.

The system operates at machine speed and because the film is reused there is no additional material added to the substrate. This equates to a low cost, highly decorative application with a very small environmental footprint.


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