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NB. Cast & Cure is only suitable for UV enabled presses.

Foiltone has been enabling Printer’s presses for “Cast & Cure” for many years, in fact we designed and installed the very first in-line system, and we have now installed them on just about every make and size of Litho press all over the world.

Foiltone cast and cure systems run at press speed, with full register, and with minimum impact on the host press. When the cast & cure process is not needed the press retains its full capability.

Whether in-line, on a multi station press with a coater (5 colour or more) , or on a 2 colour press where the varnishing will be a second pass, the Foiltone system gives the Printer the capability to print special effects and ”holographic” finishes in an economical and efficient process that is quick to install and to master.