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No optional extras, no premium models or reduced specifications.

The continuous improvement policy we employ means that every enhancement and additional feature we develop is incorporated in all future machines – therefore the next machine we build is the best one we have made!

  • All-in-one design. No external cabinet, no external cable-runs.
  • The single tower “all-in one design” is installed in hours and ready for production within 3 days.
  • Good quality roll rewind enables the film roll to be reloaded and reused time after time.
  • UV Lamp supply and/or positioning to optimise curing and prolong film “life”.
  • Foiltone has worked with all the major UV suppliers and has a partnership with a UK supplier. We can assist in making sure the lamp is ideally placed, or, if necessary, can supply the whole lamp system.
  • Touchscreen control. Simple set up and go commands in the language you choose.
  • Once set up the system starts and stops automatically in response to the impression on/off signal to the host print unit.