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DRUPA 2016 and beyond.


Thank you to the many visitors to our stand – some of you old acquaintances and there were many new faces – it was a pleasure to meet you all and to have the opportunity to show what we have been doing over the last 4 years.


It is clear to all that, following our introduction of the foil saving feature at the last DRUPA, our competitors have failed to respond – in fact they seem to be offering exactly the same systems they brought to the show in 2012, except of course their prices have increased.

At Foiltone, not only has our foil saving function matured and improved, but we now also have solutions for off-line, B3, and even Roto-Gravure presses all of which received serious interest at the show

Our pricing is exactly the same as it was 4 years ago.

Foiltone has always invested all profits into development and improvements, not into advertising, marketing, expensive Swiss watches or Business Class travel, but in features of benefit to the Printer.

All of which means we still offer the best value for money at purchase and still give the best value for money with regards to running costs – both of which ensure our customers can achieve the fastest possible return on their investment.

Cold Foil and Combination Cast & Cure in Mexico City

Our most recent installation is a combination Cold Foil and Cast & Cure system that was fitted to a Heidelberg CD102 at a specialist Packaging company in Mexico City.

 There is video of this machine in production on our website and at

Cast and Cure on a double coater press

Printers who have invested in multi-unit presses, (6 to 8 print units with double coaters), may be reluctant to sacrifice one or two units for cold foiling or cast and cure effects. Cold foiling has traditionally been a process that requires 2 units of a press, one for the adhesive, the next for the foil pressing. Cast and cure similarly required a unit for the film application and curing following a varnish coat applied through a litho unit or an in-line coater. Foiltone have recently installed cast and cure on an 8 colour Man Roland press with twin coaters.


The film application and casting is being done through one of the drying stubs, an installation that allows the Printer to achieve spot or full coat holographic effects in one pass without losing any of the functionality of the press. This solution has also been successfully installed on Komori and Mitsubishi presses with twin coaters. Cast and cure is a low-cost process that gives additional added value for all packaging or commercial print.

By placing the process on a drying stub current designs can be further embellished with no compromise or additional processes. In 2 of the 3 installations the Printers also have cold foiling in-line. This gives potential for a wide range of effects and finishes—in-line, single pass!


Cold Foiling with foil saving has now reached the Caribbean with the latest Foiltone installation in the Dominican Republic.

This gave us all a welcome break from a wet and windy UK winter!

The installation is on a Heidelberg XL printing with conventional inks on a variety of boards and papers. Good quality adhesives and fast-drying inks allowed one-pass printing directly onto the foil at normal press running speeds without set-off. Most of the jobs run had foiled areas across a full B1 sheet but even so, by saving the foil wasted at the blanket gap, foil usage was reduced by over 20% per sheet.


The Foil saving feature supplied as standard on all Foiltone systems gives the fastest ROI available for a retrofit investment which many Printers across the world are now enjoying.

The Foiltone unit for cold foiling or cast and cure is a single, self-contained unit therefore there are no external cabinets or cabling. Our own Engineers make the necessary interface to the press itself for the impression and stop signals required.

Foiltone installed on a CD74 in Belarus.

A cold foiling system with foil-save function has been installed and is now in production with a label and packaging printer in Minsk.


The company is required to print on a variety of papers and boards with varying sheet sizes but now has the capability of saving over 300mm of foil with each sheet processed.

Foiltone exhibited at the recent Graphexpo together with their partners in the USA, Breit Technologies.



With the emphasis very much on cast and cure we were able to exhibit on-line, off-line, and table-top equipment together with the extensive range of casting films carried in stock by Breit.

This was the first time that the Foiltone system with Foil-save has been exhibited in the USA.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us at the recent Expoprint in Sao Paulo.

This was the first time we had exhibited in South America so it was the first time we had the opportunity to show our full range of in-line systems with full “foil-saving” capabilities, and our off-line equipment for cold foiling and cast & cure.

We provided media demonstrations of all our equipment including the “foil save” function together with practical process demonstrations with our desk-top system working on the stand.

Our next exhibition will be in Chicago at the end of September.

Cold Foiling on Plastic Labels

Foiltone has installed a cold-foiling system on an 8 colour Heidelberg XL105 configured for IML printing.

The 65 micron plastic sheets were cold foiled at normal production speeds with both conventional and UV adhesives.

There is a video of the foil-save feature on this press in the Features section of the Cold Foil System pages – follow the link from the Products tab above.

Folding Carton June 2014

Cold Foiling on offset presses is now a mature technology widely used across the world. Although the effects have always been well received by Customers, the Printers have always seen the serious cost implications from wastage inherent in the process; if the product could not command a premium price then the process was often dismissed as unviable. The new generation of Foiltone systems, designed for retrofit to all major press makes and sizes, include as standard our “Foil-save©” function.

“Foil-save©” enables the Printer to select the amount of foil to be saved per sheet. This may be just the blanket gap – typically up to 200mm, or more depending on where the image to be foiled ends on the sheet. We have Printers who print B2 sheets on a B1 press who are saving over 350mm per sheet. This is a saving of over 40% on cold foiling systems with no “Foil-save©” capability. Unsurprisingly, Printers who are using these systems with the “Foil-save©” function are seeing big competitive advantages from the reduction in foil usage and the increased production time between foil roll changes.

Cold Foil effects are now very much a part of their product portfolio.

For more information about the latest Foiltone systems please visit our web site, or see us on Facebook

Foiltone will be exhibiting their full product range this IPEX with an in-line cold foil system together with desk–top and off-line systems on their stand.

Foiltone will be exhibiting their full product range this IPEX with an in-line cold foil system together with desk–top and off-line systems on their stand.

Foiltone has been fitting cold foiling systems on Printer’s presses for many years, and we have installed our system on just about every make and size of Litho press all over the world.
Foiltone cold foiling systems run at press speed, with full register, maximum foil saving, and with minimum impact on the host press. Whether in-line, on a multi station press (6 colour or more) which allows for immediate over-printing of the foil, or on a 2 colour press where the printing will be a second pass, the Foiltone system gives the Printer the capability to print special effects and foiled finishes in an economical and efficient process that is quick to install and to master.

The Foiltone system can also be used for “Cast & Cure” finishes, in fact we designed and installed the very first in-line system, and we have now installed them on many presses. Foiltone cast and cure systems run at press speed, with full register, and with minimum impact on the host press. When the cast & cure process is not needed the press retains its full capability.
Whether in-line, on a multi station press with a coater (5 colour or more) , or on a 2 colour press where the varnishing will be a second pass, the Foiltone system gives the Printer the capability to print special effects and ”holographic” finishes in an economical and efficient process that is quick to install and to master.
10 IPEX 2014

Foiltone Ltd will be exhibiting in London in March. The exhibition will fun from March 24th ththrough to the 29th.

Foiltone will be on stand S5 F411.

More details will be posted as we near the event – we hope to see you there