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Cold Foiling with foil saving has now reached the Caribbean with the latest Foiltone installation in the Dominican Republic.

This gave us all a welcome break from a wet and windy UK winter!

The installation is on a Heidelberg XL printing with conventional inks on a variety of boards and papers. Good quality adhesives and fast-drying inks allowed one-pass printing directly onto the foil at normal press running speeds without set-off. Most of the jobs run had foiled areas across a full B1 sheet but even so, by saving the foil wasted at the blanket gap, foil usage was reduced by over 20% per sheet.


The Foil saving feature supplied as standard on all Foiltone systems gives the fastest ROI available for a retrofit investment which many Printers across the world are now enjoying.

The Foiltone unit for cold foiling or cast and cure is a single, self-contained unit therefore there are no external cabinets or cabling. Our own Engineers make the necessary interface to the press itself for the impression and stop signals required.

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