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Folding Carton June 2014

Cold Foiling on offset presses is now a mature technology widely used across the world. Although the effects have always been well received by Customers, the Printers have always seen the serious cost implications from wastage inherent in the process; if the product could not command a premium price then the process was often dismissed as unviable. The new generation of Foiltone systems, designed for retrofit to all major press makes and sizes, include as standard our “Foil-save©” function.

“Foil-save©” enables the Printer to select the amount of foil to be saved per sheet. This may be just the blanket gap – typically up to 200mm, or more depending on where the image to be foiled ends on the sheet. We have Printers who print B2 sheets on a B1 press who are saving over 350mm per sheet. This is a saving of over 40% on cold foiling systems with no “Foil-save©” capability. Unsurprisingly, Printers who are using these systems with the “Foil-save©” function are seeing big competitive advantages from the reduction in foil usage and the increased production time between foil roll changes.

Cold Foil effects are now very much a part of their product portfolio.

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